Your own prison cell.

Tidy and favourable – single room, double room or dormitory


Earlier, every prisoner entering his cell heard the sentence „That’s your new home now“.
Nowadays, only the thick walls, the heavy doors and the narrow beds do remind the original function of our hotel. But never mind, it’s freshly renovated and will meet all your Needs.

Double cell

for VIP criminals


with shower, WC, two single beds and a lot of space

Double cell


with shower, WC

and two single beds

3-bed cell


with shower, WC, a single bed

and a bunk bed

4-bed cell


with WC, shared shower

and the bunk beds

6-bed cell


with 3 bunk beds, shared shower

and WC

Barabas Hotel Luzern

Löwengraben 18

6004 Luzern

+41 41 417 01 99  

Check In from 15:00

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The Hotel Barabas is a SwissPass Plus partner. 
Use your SwissPass as your room card during your stay and open your room door and the entrance to the hotel in comfort.

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