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We adore travelling, meeting people from other cultures and having fun together. That’s why we want to bring the international vibe to the Barabas Hotel. We like to have this special feeling here at Lucerne. We want you to meet great people, experience remaining moments, laugh a lot and get some rest. And we’re really looking forward to meeting you!

Pascal Wirz

Jeaninne Parolini

Aline Schönenberg

Karin Odermatt

Carla Vella

Barabas Hotel Luzern

Löwengraben 18

6004 Luzern


+41 41 417 01 99  

Check In from 15:00

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The Hotel Barabas is a SwissPass Plus partner. 
Use your SwissPass as your room card during your stay and open your room door and the entrance to the hotel in comfort.