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Water and bread

No fear! You don’t have to live on water and bread. For a surcharge of CHF 9.50, we offer you a delicious breakfast including homemade muesli, regional cheese and fragrant coffee and you’ll start your day strengthened and fit.

Frühstück Hotel Barabas Luzern
Gemälde Barabas

Internet, tips and

souvenir shop

We provide free Wi-Fi in the entire jail house for our guests. Just ask our team at the reception for tips regarding going out, some Lucerne insider tips or in case of special wishes. They will gladly help you exploring Lucerne at your own pace. And if you feel like bringing home the Barabas feeling, our souvenir shop has some really cool products.

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1862 - 2018


This historic central prison of Lucerne was built in 1862 and operated as a prison until 1998. Today, you have the opportunity of sleeping where some years earlier criminals had spent their time.


Why we chose the name Barabas? Well, there was a prison inmate called Barabas. He was imprisoned until 1975 because of conscientious objection. He left a fresko which is still there in one of the cells. He painted everything he missed during his detention, such as women, money and wine.

Zellengang Hotel Barabas Luzern
Virtuelle Ansicht Hotel Barabas Luzern

The virtual hotel

Take a leisurely stroll through the hotel: We have photographed the Barabas hotel with a VR360° camera, so that you can already browse through the rooms from home.  

> Discover the hotel now in 360° model